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Wait, how’d I get here?

You might have spied us in New York Magazine, Elle, InStyle, or Vogue. We’re a Substack featured publication and best-seller, so maybe you found us via our own platform. Whatever the rabbit hole, welcome.

Who is Jess Graves?

I am a journalist and essayist. My work has appeared in Vogue, Town & Country, Yolo Journal, Eater, Complex, AFAR, Domino, Food & Wine, Vanity Fair, and Southern Living, which named me one of the “75 Most Stylish Southerners”.

I own a creative agency, Graves Creative, where we offer brand consulting and identity ideation, media and advertising production, website design and development, and overall creative direction/management.

Our clients are visionaries who focus on best-in-class brands and placemaking. Our portfolio of projects encompasses many of the United States’ most significant real estate, beauty, e-commerce, and hospitality brands.

After spending 10 years in Atlanta, Georgia, I recently relocated to the Gramercy Park area of New York City.

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Wait, wasn’t The Love List a thing before now?

I founded the original Love List in 2007 as a simple blog about the things I love, which eventually expanded into a celebrated and long-running lifestyle website of the same name. It was written about in Vogue, Town & Country, and Food and Wine, and even featured in its own window display at Barneys (RIP). It spun off into a subsequent column in Atlanta Magazine before I shuttered it in 2017.

This newsletter is both a nod to and continuation of the original Love List — pared back to the format it began in 15 years ago. Not picking up where I left off, but starting anew.

So… what’s different?

This is a different kind of “Love” — like its author, it’s settled in, older, gentler, and has less to prove.

And what’s the same?

For free subscribers: trend reporting, style coverage, shopping picks, gift guides, and playlists.

For paid subscribers: all of the above, plus commenting privileges and access to our paid content. Think: personal essays, career advice, insider-y shopping tips, and travel guides full of the most intimate recommendations (that facialist nobody can get in with, the best table in the house).

If you want to get in touch:

I welcome your ideas if there is something you would like to see included on The Love List. I also love reader emails if you’d just like to say hello! heyjg@jessgraves.com.

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Jess Graves 

I'm a writer and consultant. My work has appeared in Vogue, Town & Country, Complex, Vanity Fair, and Southern Living, which named me one of the “75 Most Stylish Southerners”. I recently relocated to New York City from Atlanta.